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We're the owners of Cupid's Pairings!
Not like we're real cupids or anything.
We're here to answer all your questions, announce any new events or changes to the program, and other stuff like that. Have fun in this program, and good luck finding love!
-Jordan & Lulu


Alrighty, so. 

We have an event held on opening day, just to celebrate.

This event is called Date Night—You and your pairing will be going to know each other by having fun on this night, and if your pairing doesn’t happen to show up, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!

We will be taking a private jet, a bit up North where Date Night will happen, which is in a bowling alley. You can do so much stuff around there, really. Go bowling, eat food, get drinks at the bar, play around in the arcade, go laser-tagging, all that fun stuff.

Me and Lulu came up with this event just so people can get comfortable with their pairings and most of all, have fun over this new program that they’re now welcomed into.

Great? Yeah? Awesome.

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